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    Escape Room Rome & egrave; a team game. First you will have to choose the story you want to play. The rooms will have the scenography like the story you have chosen (military base or fantasy horror). Once you enter, the door will close automatically. behind you. You will have to investigate and solve the puzzles in no time to escape. You will be imprisoned in a room that will hide a number of people. secrets to reveal and trials to overcome. Only 60 minutes available and a countdown will remind you “ that time is running out. In Escape Room Rome it will be necessary to; work together to escape. Only with the skills can you learn? and making use of all your skills; you can find your way out. Will you be able to stop the missiles from firing while in the military base or escape the demon while in the nightmare? Nightmare Escape Room Booking

    Escape Room Rome

    In Escape Room Rome you can organize birthday parties for adults, teenagers and children. Or a hen or stag party, as well as a bachelorette party. graduation parties. Corporate and team building events like this are also available. to increase and consolidate the spirit of collaboration between colleagues. A new way to have fun, improve mutual relationships and spend time together. Throughout the Secret Rooms there is a warm atmosphere. Can be accessed by wheelchair with or without a companion. Escape Room Rome EscapeRoomRoma Room booking The Escape room game is an online game. the new way for families to share a unique and engaging experience. Everyone can participate in the game: adults, teenagers and children. Improve personal relationships and spend 60 minutes of pure fun together. There you will be able to also divide into several; teams and challenge each other on the same story. This mode is it is especially recommended for numerous friends and corporate groups. The escape room is a new way of doing team building. Strengthen the team in the name of fun! Come and play in Secret Rooms Rome, the best Escape Room Rome. You will be able to train your mind while playing, but with fun. </div


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