FAQ is a team game. First you will have to choose the story, Nightmare or Sabotage, that you want to play. The rooms will have the setting as the story you have chosen (Sabotage military base or Nightmare fantasy horror). Once you enter the door will close behind you. In the FAQ as in the adult version, you will have to investigate and solve the puzzles in a short time to escape. You will be imprisoned in a room that will hide secrets to reveal and tests to overcome. Only 60 minutes available and a countdown will remind you that the time available is running out. In Escape Room Horror you will have to work together to escape. Only with skill and using all your abilities will you be able to find the escape route. Will you be able to stop Sabotage’s missile launch, or escape Nightmare’s demon?


Escape Room Rome


In Escape Room Rome you can organize birthday parties for adults, teenagers and children. Or hen or stag parties, as well as graduation parties. Also corporate and team building events so as to increase and consolidate the spirit of collaboration between colleagues. A new way to have fun, improve mutual relationships and spend time together. The entire Secret Rooms can be accessed by wheelchair with or without a companion.



The Escape room game is the new way for families to share a unique and engaging experience. Everyone can also participate in the game in the FAQ room: adults, teenagers and children. Improve personal relationships and spend 60 minutes of pure fun together. You can also divide into multiple teams and compete on the same story. This mode is especially recommended for large friends and corporate groups. The Escape Room is a new way of team building. Strengthen the team in the name of fun! Come and play in Secret Rooms Rome, the best Escape Room Rome. You will be able to train your mind while playing, but with fun.

Information about the game

How does the game play?

Each team will have to escape from a room in which it will be locked in a time of 60 minutes by solving riddles that will allow them to find the escape route.
Inside the rooms there are no disturbing elements. In case of panic or for any reason you can exit immediately.
During the entire game session you will be video-assisted by a "game master" who will help you solve the puzzles by giving you hints if necessary.

How many are playing?

From a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 players per room.
For larger groups it is possible to organize challenges simultaneously in several identical rooms.

What do you need to participate?

To participate it is necessary to show the booking confirmation email on paper or on the display of your smartphone.
Before accessing the rooms, each player must sign our regulations by indicating their name and email address.

What is the minimum age to play?

The game is suitable for all ages because it features skill games, riddles and no physical strength is required.
For the Standard game modes we recommend participation for children aged at least 13. Younger people can participate together with adults.
The Junior Adventure game mode is suitable for children aged 8 to 12.


How should you dress?

No type of specific or technical clothing is required... playing in a tuxedo is probably not the best choice 😉

In which language can the game be played?

The clues and riddles will be written in both Italian and English, but logic and skill will be more than enough to complete the game.

What is prohibited?

Inside the venue and in the gaming rooms it is prohibited:
 - use strength and climb;
 - use of electronic devices such as cameras and smartphones;
 - smoking, drinking and eating;
 - participate in an altered psycho-physical state.

The reservation

How do you book?

You can book from our website up to 15 hours in advance, checking the availability of the rooms based on the day and time chosen.

It is possible to book by telephone if you want to play on the same day, based on room availability.

If the online booking was successful, you will receive a confirmation email with your summary and booking data.

To access the rooms you will be asked to show this email on paper or on the display of your smartphone.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made with Paypal when booking online or directly on site on the day of the appointment.
For bookings of 4 or more rooms, advance payment is required via bank transfer, Paypal and cash or credit cards (no American Express) on site.


Is it possible to cancel the appointment or change the date/time?

It is possible to modify/cancel the reservation without additional costs up to 48 hours before the appointment by sending an email to roma@secret-rooms.it specifying the order number and the request.

For companies?

We organize corporate and team building events, contact us to find out more!

How to book with a gift voucher?

If you have a gift voucher valid for the Rome office you can proceed with the booking through the site or by calling us on +39 0669366774.
The expiration date indicated on the voucher is the date by which you must make the reservation.

It is possible to make a reservation for all dates after the expiration of the voucher available on our online calendar at the time of booking.

How to get there and where to park

What's the easiest way to get there?

 We are in Rome, Appio Latino / San Giovanni area, in via Giuseppe Mantellini, 44:

 > 170 meters from the "VIA TOMMASO DA CELANO/GREGOROVIUS" stop of bus lines 628 and 665

 > 270 meters from the "BECCARINI/PAPI" stop of bus line 87

 > Between the "PONTE LUNGO" (650 meters) and "FURIO CAMILLO" (850 meters) stops of metro line A

 > For those coming by car, there are numerous free and/or paid parking spaces nearby

Is it possible to play for a disabled person?

Our rooms are completely accessible to disabled people.
However, some parts of the game require physical skills and therefore there must be a companion inside the room.